About Gunleif Grube


Gunleif Grube – Painter / Graphic Artist / Music composer / Author
Gunleif Grube was born in 1947 in the town Skála on the Faroe Islands. He made his début at the K.E.  in 1980. Since then he has made international exhibitions at museums and leading galleries and published several art books, television profiles.
Member of BKF (Danish Union of painters).

Living is to create!

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum – Fanø Kunstmuseum – Oldenburg Stadtmuseum – Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum – Færøernes Kunstmuseum – Statens Museum For Kunst – Kunstindustrimuseet – Grand Palais Paris – Le Genie de la Bastille Paris – Grosse Kunstausstellung Düsseldorf – ”The Beatles Forever ” Koldinghus Museum – Gallery Chateau de Burglinster, Luxembourg.

Gunleif Grube’s artworks are represented in public and private collections in Denmark – Sweden – Norway – the Faroe Islands – The Netherlands – Great Britain – Germany – USA – Japan – France – Luxembourg – China…

• “Færøernes kunstnere” (Artists from the Faroe Islands), publisher Atlantis
• “Dansk kunstnerleksikon” (Danish encyclopaedia of artists) publisher Weilbach
• “Det Røde Rum” (The Red Room), publisher Atelier
• “The Mask”, publisher North – TV.
• Artist profile about Gunleif Grube by Stig Krabbe Barfoed on the Danish television channels DR1 and DR2
• “Kunst i Øjet” (Art in the eyes), on Danish television channel DK4.
• Artist profile about Gunleif Grube by Ole Lindboe.
• ” Kunstneren som sig selv ” Forfatter Ole Lindboe: udgiver Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum.
• ” Kunstens Kald” Forfatter mag.art. Leo Tandrup.
• ”Den Vilde Poet” Forfatter mag.art. Dorthe Rosenfeldt Sieben, udgiver Forlaget Atelier.
• ” Gunleif Grube” Forfatter mag.art. Hanne Lundgren Nielsen, udgiver The Faroe Art Museum.
• ” SEKEL” Forfatter mag.art. Mikael Wivel, udgiver The Faroe Art Museum

Reviews quotes:

“Reviews by Bente Hammershøy and her studies of Gunleif Grubes paintings.
Exhibitions Galleri Brænderigården 2013” Click here to Download Katalog Gunleif Grube 2013
– by Bente Hammershøy.

“This is powerful art. It is almost impossible not to be swept off one’s feet:
You can see the passion both in colours and in the stroke of the brush.”
– by Thorkild Brunsberg, Centre of Danish Libraries.

“This is what people generally understand by genuine painting,
and so it rebellious in a liberating manner. ”
-by Peter Michael Hornung, the Danish newspaper “Politiken”.

“Ole Lindboe’s book “The Red Room” describes all thoughts and
along with the wonderful pictures you just immerse into the book
and forget about the surroundings.”
– by Juul, the Danish art paper “Kunstavisen”.

“Gunleif Grube sticks to the expressive painting and
he does so to the very last drop of blood.”
– by the Danish newspapers “Midtjyllands Avis”.