Other Books

Gunleif Grube and his paintings are represented in the following books and
he has a wide range of publications of art books. see under Artbooks

‘SEKEL Færøsk kunst i hundrede år ‘
Published by Faroe Art Museum 2011

Author: Mikael Wivel – Art historian
594 pages with Danish / English text

‘SEKEL Faroese art for a hundred years’ The latest and most
comprehensive work on Faroese art from approx. 1920 to today.


Published by Bogværket 2010

Author: Lars Heslet – Professor, MD., MSc.
with Danish text

About music and art positive impact in the healing process. About the importance of the doctor again assuming his role as a fellow human being when the biggest questions of life are at stake. Lars Heslet experience has since been confirmed by two scientists who have researched the art’s ability to prevent mental disorders after serious illness.


‘Den Blødende Bro’
Published by FORLAGETKIS 2013

Author: Kis Henriksen
with Danish text

Tavshedens stemme. Om mødet mellem kunst og traume gennem
den traume-pædagogiske praktis “Kunsten at forme et sprog”.