Art Books

Gunleif Grube´s publications of artbooks

Maleriet, masken og manden
En samtale med Peter Kær’

Eksklusivt oplag i 100 eksemplarer med unik rød/sort gouache i hver bog

Published by Gallery Oxholm 2016
Author: Peter Kjær
72 pages with Danish


Published by Faroe Art Museum 2012

Author: Hanne Lundgren Nielsen
112 pages with Danish / Faroese / English text


‘Den Vilde Poet’
Published by Atelier 2007

Author: Dorthe Rosenfeldt Sieben
112 pages with Danish text


‘Det Røde Rum’
Published by Atelier 2001

‘The Red Room’ about the paintings of Gunleif Grube
It is the room of happiness and pain. It is the palce for
never ending joy and yearing vulnerability. The Red Room
is a journey into the unproved – by Ole Lindboe

Author: Ole Lindboe
96 pages with Danish / English text


Published by Forlaget North 1996

The theme is a description of the mask as the mirror
of the soul. Life masks – death masks – your masks
– my masks – laughter masks – poetry masks.

Author: Gunleif Grube
Photos of human masks by Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt
138 pages with Danish / English text


Published by Gallerie Egelund 1992

“Kaos” is written by Gunleif Grube. The book takes its
starting point in the theories of chaos, seen from the point
of view of the art in the creative process, in the balance
between control and letting the energier of chaos run free.

Author: Gunleif Grube
112 pages with Danish text


Published by Court Gallery 1989

Author: Ole Hyltoft
96 pages with Danish / English text